It’s common knowledge that cats are fiercely independent animals. We believe that this is a result of the domesticated cat’s evolutionary development, which is to teach the human to act as its servant. Don’t believe us? The next time you play with your cat, pay attention to how frequently you do things (or how often you refrain from doing things) to gain her approval 

What is the body language of cats? Contrast the obvious ways in which a dog shows affection for its owner, such as by wagging its tail, licking its lips, and zooming around, with the more covert ways in which your cat shows her love and acceptance of you. 

A Cute and Cuddly Companion

Purring is the only instantly recognizable indicator that a cat is content and at ease. If you hear your cat purring like an idle car engine when she’s around you, it means she’s extremely happy and likely in love with you. 

Disclosure: Purring is a self-soothing method for cats as well as a form of communication. According to the findings of some studies on the consequences of purring, the vibrations produced by the sound can even have a curative effect on injury problems and inflammation in cats. Purring is a common response for cats in times of anxiety, and some cats even purr when they’re hungry. She may be trying to show her affection for you by purring at you, but the situation must be considered here. 

Tails That Tell a Story

The wagging of a dog’s tail is a sign that he is overjoyed to see us, but the swishing of a cat’s tail conveys the message, “Get away from me; I’m aggravated!” If a dog’s tail is standing up, it indicates that he is on alert, but if a cat’s tail is standing up and she is approaching you, it indicates that she is pleased that you are there and that she is going to tell you precisely that. If your cat’s entire tail is engaged in a slow side-to-side movement, it indicates that your cat is still attempting to determine what’s what. If the tail tip is quivering from side to side on an erect tail, this could fall into the “I love you” classification. Warning: to understand the significance of your cat’s tall tail stories, you will need to interpret her other body language as well. 

Little Nibbles or Bites  

It is generally accepted that being bitten by an animal is NOT a sign that the animal loves its owner; however, cats will go and disturb this body language yet again. Cat bites, and especially kitten bites, could be an expression of love between the two animals. A light nibble won’t necessarily make you want to rip your arm away from those pointed teeth, but a tough bite accompanied by a vocal snarl and excruciating clawing will convey a completely different message! 

Love’s Finest Presents 

When your cat gives you presents, it’s a good indication that she loves you and wants to show you her affection. Oh, how cat parents pine for the day when their furry companions bring them bouquets and chocolate bars from the back of the closet, but rather, their cats bring them animal carcasses and other disgusting things from the great outdoors. It’s an unusual way to show affection, but cats are natural hunters and they devote a significant portion of their time to the activity, so any brand-new prey is extremely valuable to them. The fact that your cat chose to offer it to you demonstrates that she has a deep affection for you. 

Footnote: What your cat is doing is demonstrating that she believes you are a poor hunter and that, notwithstanding this inferiority, she still intends for you to stay alive and be a member of her pack. “I love you. This is the proper way to go hunting. “Don’t let yourself perish; just consume this.” 

Confront My Adoration

Your cat’s face is extremely sensitive; therefore, when she rubs her head against you, she is communicating to you that she trusts you, that she feels secure with you, and that she is being sincerely affectionate. The same principle applies to head-butting and any other form of physical contact that she has with her head, face, or neck. This also conveys a message of unconditional love and acceptance, particularly if she nibbles and grooms your head and hands in addition to your ears and head. 

Cats’ faces also incorporate scent glands, so when your cat purrs or licks your face, she is not only expressing her affection for you but also tagging her territory and asserting, “I own you!” Your cat might well have acknowledged you as a member of her pack in terms of grooming, but what she’s saying is, “In this cat clan, we are presentable and clean – I can’t have you looking like this! ” The human being must be groomed! 

I Kneaded You on the Shoulder

When your much-loved furry companion gives you a kitty-cat massage, she is sending you a very special and unique sign of her affection for you. Because your cat will only knead you when she is completely at ease and content to be in your company, being massaged by her is a significant indicator that you are accepted by her. 

Kittens will knead their moms’ chests while they are nursing to encourage their mothers to produce more milk for them. Because there is no physiological need for adult cats to massage, it is a sign that they are accepted as members of their cat family when they engage in this behavior. Or perhaps your cat is starving and thinks you look like a big old cat boob to her. 

As can be seen, dialogue between cats is a difficult and convoluted process. Your cat’s displays and indications of love should be taken in a specific setting; however, if she purrs when she’s near you, loves being near to you, nibbles you endearingly, and brushes up against you, then you’re possibly a super-loved cat parent to your feline companion!