When you unexpectedly are forced to be out of town for a day or two because of unpredicted work situations, a family crisis, or an occasion that gives you minimal time to prepare your fur children can put you in a pickle. Don’t ever fear, because there are several pet accessories that are not only practical but also beautifully designed that can help you keep your cat fed, hydrated, amused, and at ease. 

Always be ready by giving some thought to the following options for caring for your cat while you are away from home. 

Instant Food Delivery

It is critical to your cat’s health that you provide her with an adequate amount of food while you’re gone. It is generally safe to provide cats with kibble that is accessible to them throughout the day, but preferably, they should consume a softer food for both breakfast and dinner. Kitten chow can be left out for cats to snack on throughout the day.

It is hard to leave snacks out for some cats and expect them to practice portion control because these cats devour their food all at once with ravenous appetites. Consider purchasing a fully automated cat feeder for your pet so that you don’t have to worry about whether or not they will get enough to eat while you are away. These feeders can be fixed to dispense food at predetermined intervals and can be controlled by a timer. 

A Continuous Water Supply

It is more crucial to ensure that your cat has access to clean water at all times than it is to feed it. If a cat becomes dehydrated, they are more likely to experience issues with its kidneys and bladder, making clean water an essential component of its diet for maintaining good health. While some felines have no problem drinking from a bowl filled with water, others are quite picky and would rather drink from a running faucet.

Because of the recent surge in the popularity of pet drinking fountains, consumers now have a plethora of options from which to choose. Not only do they offer a supply of running water for finicky cats, but in addition, they constantly filter the water to guarantee that your cat has access to purified water whenever they are parched. This is a great solution for households with cats that are particularly picky about their drinking water. 

Entertainment for Your Fur Child

It is impossible for cats to turn off their innate desire to hunt; however, providing them with opportunities to satisfy this instinct in a way that is both beneficial and non-destructive will provide mental stimulation and prevent them from pursuing live prey (think birds and lizards). To the rescue come cat toys.

While some cat toys require interaction from you (such as dangling feathers, fish, or toys shaped like mice), others are designed to keep your cat captivated on its own. These are ideal in the time that you are absent. Your cat will be highly motivated to exercise her muscles, stretch her legs, and figure out puzzles if you give her a little nibble as a prize every once in a while when she plays with a toy that contains treats. To keep your cat occupied while you are gone, there are several marvelously interactive puzzle or wobble toys that intrigue and treat a variety of cat instincts. 

When Your Cats Gotta Go, It Gotta Go

Your cat will be much safer if you keep her inside while you’re gone if you do so. For their bathroom needs, indoor cats require litterboxes that are regularly cleaned and replaced with new litter. When it comes to using the litterbox, some kitties are notoriously messy, flinging litter all over their kitty toilet and the area surrounding it. Why not give your cat access to a litterbox with high sides or one that is completely enclosed? This way, there won’t be any mess for you to clean up when you get back home—just make sure to scoop it regularly! 

Keeping Your Cat Calm

Because they are so self-sufficient, some cats won’t even realize that you’ve been gone for two days until it’s too late. When you are merely attempting to have a moment to yourself, other individuals will create a nervous racket outside the basement door. Your cat, like all cats, is unique, which means that if you unexpectedly don’t come back home at the scheduled time, it’s possible that he or she will experience some anxiety.

The good news is that there are a number of wonderful products available on the market that have been recommended by veterinarians to assist cats in remaining calm in stressful conditions. It is a smart option to be ready, so talk to your veterinarian about which comforting aids and tools would be most appropriate for your furry friend. 

A Perch With a View

When you have to leave your home for a prolonged period of time, position a tall clawing post or cat lounger close to a window. Cats enjoy having a view out the window (of course, they are also keeping an eye out for your eventual return), so this is an ideal arrangement for them. 

The Joy That a Scratching Post Can Bring

While we’re on the subject of scratching posts, your cat may decide to relieve her boredom by scratching up your tables and chairs while you’re gone. Therefore, in order to keep her amused, you should ensure that you have a sufficient number of scratching posts and toys that are fun and engaging. 

Always be ready for the unforeseen because we live in a world of uncertainty. To be a hero to your pet does not require you to be the perfect pet parent; rather, it requires you to place your pet’s health and happiness at or as your top priority.