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German Shepherd beaten by Land lord

German Shepherd beaten by Land lord
Carolyn Dewrance
4 Fernwood Close
7401 Cape Town
Western Province
Call: 0712682106

Evicted for saving a German shepherd who was abused by landlord.

The way this man acted today, I am sure he belongs to the Taliban group of terrorists.  After telling me and Robin that because we loved dogs more than humans, we had to move out of our shared house, well I could not sleep all night I was really worried,

So once Robin had gone to work this morning I went back to bed to try getting some sleep. I was woken by a loud continuous hooting of a car at the gate, I dressed and went to see who it was, it was our Land lord, shouting for me to put Roxy on a chain as he wanted to hang up the washing, I obliged with no problem from the dog, But then he came into the courtyard and picked up a large piece of wood and started hitting the dog with it, of course the dog retaliated, she was just defending herself, I could not stand and watch as he hit her until she went into her kennel which he then barricaded so that she could not get out, While he was doing this I was on the phone to the Animal Anti Cruelty in Epping, but could not reach an inspector as they were all out, I left my name and number and asked the receptionist to call me when one of them came back. Which they never did.

I then phoned my sister and told her in tears what had happened to the dog, she was also very upset.

This afternoon My sister came to fetch me, and we took the dog out of her prison and put  her into the car on her blanket, taking her home to my sisters house.

Because of this we have been evicted.


Carolyn Dewrance

Present address from where were have been evicted

25 Ferrous Street

Vangard Estate


Cape Town

Present landline which will be disconnected today 0216331948

Cell number0712682106

below find the photos I took of Roxys Prison.

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