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Black kitty cat

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Black kitty cat
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up to 5 months
4 month old black female. Dumped. Please contact Magda on 079 906 8635.

Adoption Procedure (Through Cat Care):
1. There is an adoption fee of R280 which covers sterilisation when the kitten is old enough. Cat Care send you a reminder and you choose one of four vets who are contracted to do our cases: Newton Park, Lorraine, 9th Ave Walmer or Mount Pleasant. Cat Care then makes the appointment for you and will send you details. This adoption fee must be paid up front when you take the kitten.
2. There is also a form to fill in, all our foster moms have these forms and you can fill it in there, takes about two minutes. The foster mom will then return the form and the money to us.
3. All our kittens have to be dewormed and deflead before being adopted but you will be responsible for vaccination.
4. Because most of our kittens are from feral colonies it is essential that you keep the kitten in a warm escape proof room for the first few weeks of its life with you, before introducing it to other pets and the rest of the house. We find most times that the new mom and dad have the kitten in the room with them and the kitten ends up sleeping on the pillow between their heads!
5. Always ensure that there is water, fresh food and a litter box available. The litter box must be placed well away from the food.
6. Apart from the above, your new baby will require a lot of love and a toy or two to play with.
Please contact:
Cat Care

Port Elizabeth
Eastern Cape
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